About GreenMed Pros Inc.

Rhode Island deserves the best quality medical marijuana product available, and GreenMed Pros provides that. Our quality control methods and our commitment to customer satisfaction are unmatched in the industry.

Our Promise

At GreenMed Pros, we are proud to give prompt attention to any customer concerns and follow up to make certain our clients are satisfied. We also listen to customer feedback so that we can constantly improve our quality and service.

Our staff is here to produce the highest quality medicine in Rhode Island. We provide expert service, the highest quality products while using the latest technology.

Our Mission

At GreenMed Pros, we want to encourage natural solutions to medical issues and we have made producing quality medical marijuana our mission. Our specialists spend many hours researching the best cultivation methods so that our cannabis provides effective treatment for a variety of medical conditions. No one takes their job more seriously than our employees.

Our Vision

Our dedicated team has years of experience with the growth and cultivation of medical cannabis. We stay current on government regulations as well as the latest in production techniques. GreenMed Pros considers continuing education an important part of our business. Our experts use their extensive, science-based knowledge to create a quality product with a strong but safe medical benefit for those who need it.

Our Values

Because we have a deep respect for our environment, our cultivation techniques are environmentally sound and we are dedicated to protecting the land while creating a safe and effective product for our customers. We take our responsibility to the state seriously and try to improve the quality of life for its residents.

Meet the Team

Timothy Arnold

Partner | Master Grower

For the past decade Timothy Arnold has dedicated his livelihood to the development and cultivation of marijuana. Starting with just 10 lights, Timothy grew his business through continuous trial and error. By studying the success of other Master Growers, Tim developed a unique process all his own. Inspired by Timothy Arnold’s passion and innovation, GreenMed Pros has welcomed him into the fold, where he has created the most sophisticated cannabis cultivation operation in the state of Rhode Island.

George Trimarche

Partner / Operations

Born and raised in Staten Island, New York, and now investing in Rhode Island, George Trimache brings his business savvy and leadership skills to GreenMed Pros. Routinely praised by clients for both his superior work and customer service—values that are now embedded into the culture of GreenMed Pros — George brings with him over 20 years of business acumen and entrepreneurial success. George was inspired to get into medical marijuana after seeing the benefits in comparison to prescription medications. When he’s not leading the charge at GreenMed Pros, George can be found doing some of his favorite things, including cooking, skiing, and spending time with his family.

Nick Trimarche

Partner / Sales & Marketing

Throughout his career, Nick has held leadership roles at award-winning businesses, from Rhode Island to Florida. He’s an entrepreneur, investing in and starting businesses from the ground up including restaurants, gyms, digital media, and contracting companies just to name a few. When not working, Nick can be found golfing, partaking in outdoor activities like biking, and spending time with his family. Nick has been influential in growing the company over the years by expanding the scope of GreenMed Pro’s expertise and marketshare.